Sunday, 10 February 2013

Listen! A book!

I’ve avoided e-Readers until now, because I generally only read in bed. And I like the feel of a real book. But I was tempted by the idea of listening to books when out walking, or driving so I subscribed to and purchased a few Audio books.

The first snag, when I downloaded ‘Canada’ by Richard Ford, was that I don’t have the right kind of device to listen to it on, other than my laptop. So that scuppered my plans to read when out and about! 

I was laid up for three days over Christmas and decided to listen to Canada. A wonderful experience. It’s hard to say if it would have been the same book had I read it using my eyes rather than my ears, but I loved it.

So I’m now listening to Stephen King’s '11.22.63’, another hefty book, and am finding it a pleasant way to read. I read many of King's earlier books many years ago and have only recently returned to him, and I appreciate his talent all the more. Great to watch his talks on youtube too. He's a natural comedian.

However, my bedside reading has to remain in paper format for another while because I keep falling asleep when I try to listen to an Audio book in bed.

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