Monday, 8 April 2013

Finding a Literary Agent

As if the writing (and editing, ripping to shreds and starting again, rereading, rewriting etc) wasn't hard enough, the next huge hurdle is to find a literary agent.

Not only do you need to have a perfect query letter, synopsis and sample pages (backed up by a perfect manuscript), you also need to query the right agent at the right time.

Which is why I'd like to offer my congratulations to my sister Paula* (find her here at ViewReview) on finding an agent and hope it leads to the publication of her first novel very soon.

*Last seen running out the door shouting ‘I’m just doing coffee with my agent.’

Writer Nathan Bransford had these Wise words to say about finding an agent:

There are many ways of going about this, and, believe it or not, none of them involve telling an agent they're a cutiepatootie.


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