Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jazz in Marciac (2) Wynton Marsalis and Mr Bean


At JIM (Jazz in Marciac) festival, we're so chilled out we're horizontal (of course, that may be the heat and the wine but one can't be sure.)

The godfather of the festival, the trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, was pure class. Playing with his quintet: Walter Blanding (saxophone), Carlos Henriquez (bass), Ali Jackson (drums) and Dan Nimmer (piano), this was the first of his two appearances at the festival.  He has played every year at JIM since 1991 and there's even a statue of him in the village. Here's his Marciac Suite album.

There's something very unassuming about him, but he's adored by the festival organisers, especially due to the work he puts into the teaching of jazz, passing on the tradition. I wish I had access to the masterclasses that my daughters have been attending.
We couldn't help thinking of Mr Bean at the Olympics when we watched Dan Nimmer on the piano (sorry Dan!)
So I have to add that clip which still makes me laugh. 

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